Maintenance Tips

Taking care of pearls is important because pearls are organic gemstones formed inside living creatures.

Here are some tips to take care of pearls:

1. Luster and Beauty: Proper care ensures that the pearls maintain their natural luster and beauty, which is their most appealing characteristic. Keep away from hot or salt water. Remove jewelry when bathing, showering, or swimming.
2. Surface Damage: Pearls have a soft, porous surface that can be easily scratched or damaged. Avoiding contact with rough surfaces helps preserve their smooth appearance.

3. Chemicals and Acids: Pearls can be damaged by exposure to chemicals, acids, and even perspiration. It's essential to keep them away from household cleaners, perfumes, and hairspray.

4. String Maintenance: For pearl necklaces and bracelets, regular inspections and restringing prevent strand breakage and loss of pearls.

5. Avoiding Heat and Sunlight: Extreme heat or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause pearls to lose their luster and become discolored.

6. Storage: Storing pearls separately from other jewelry prevents them from getting scratched or tangled. Pearls should be stored away from other objects or jewelry that may scratch their surfaces. Wrap the pearls in soft cloth, or place in a soft pouch.
7. CleaningGently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils or dirt before putting them away.


By taking proper care of pearls, you can ensure their longevity and keep them looking beautiful for generations to come.