1. What is ZG Pearls?

ZG Pearls is a Canadian local brands starts from August 2022. Specializing in handcrafted jewelry made from REAL freshwater and seawater pearls. ZG Pearls pieces are designed to capture the timeless elegance and natural beauty of pearls.

ZG Pearls is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and operate through our online platform, Farmers' Markets, and Artisan Events .


2. Where are ZG Pearls' pearls source from?

ZG Pearls freshwater pearls are cultured from ZG Pearls family relatives owned pearls farm in Jiang Xi, China. The family run the business since 1980s. ZG Pearls uphold the highest standards, creating an unparalleled experience for both our pearls and our customers while prioritizing environmental sustainability and ethical practices.

The farm is deeply committed to protecting our planet. ZG Pearls farms adhere to stringent environmental guidelines and utilizing sustainable farming methods.

The farm operates with the utmost respect for workers' rights and well-being. We prioritize fair wages and safe working conditions, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

ZG Pearls Seawater pearls are from the different places in the world include Tahiti, Philippine, Indonesia and Japan.


3. Are your pearls genuine?

Absolutely. ZG Pearls handpick each pearl for its exceptional quality and luster, ensuring that our jewelry is made from authentic pearls.


4. What makes ZG_Pearls unique?

ZG Pearls commitment to affordable luxury and exquisite craftsmanship sets us apart. Each piece is a blend of natural beauty and human skill, reflecting the wearer's individuality.


5. How do I care for my pearl jewelry?

To maintain their brilliance, avoid exposing pearls to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Clean gently with a soft cloth and store separately to prevent scratching. Please Check our Maintenance Tips Page for more information.



6. Do you offer customization?

At this time, ZG Pearls offer a curated collection, but we're continuously expanding our designs to cater to diverse preferences. 


7. What is your shipping policy?

ZG Pearls offers reliable shipping options, and delivery times vary based on your location. You can find detailed information on our Shipping page. Free Shipping for orders $149+ in Canada.



8. What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team within 14 days of receiving your order for assistance. However, we do have restrictions on our Return & Exchange. Please check our policy pages for more information. 



9. How can I contact customer support?

Feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form at the bottom of our Home Page. ZG Pearls is here to help with any inquiries or concerns.


10. Do you have promotions or discounts?

ZG Pearls occasionally offer special promotions and discounts. Stay connected with us on Instagram  @ZG_Pearls and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


11. What is the symbolism behind pearls?

Pearls symbolize uniqueness and life's journey. Just as each pearl is distinct, you, too, possess inherent beauty and value.


12. Can I gift wrap my purchase?

Yes, ZG Pearls offers gift wrapping services. You can add the gift box in each collection pages.


13. How do I determine my ring size?

ZG Pearls rings are adjustable sizes since the back are opened. You can adjust the ring sized by press or pull the rings. However, we are not recommend you to adjust the sizes many times due to the metal fatigue. We will not return or exchange the rings for metal fatigue damage.


14. Are your payments secure?

Absolutely. ZG Pearls uses secure payment gateways by Shopify to ensure your information is protected.  


15. How can I stay updated on new collections?

Follow us on Instagram @ZG_Pearls and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest designs, promotions, and more.


Experience the allure of pearls and explore our collection at ZG_Pearls.